Find Your Tribe

“Stop finding reasons to give up and instead start finding reasons to keep going.” -Anonymous

Surround yourself with positive people. For me it’s been the same group of girls over the last 15 years. My tribe of 5 give it to me straight because they want to see me succeed:






Truthful to your face. Relentless to help you achieve your goals wither it be fitness or life . Intelligent enough to have stimulating conversations as well as those nights where you just nerd out over the latest Harry Potter theory. Beautiful souls because that counts wayyyyy more than a pretty face (don’t worry, you guys have that too). Empowering people to be around to remind you that you can do anything and nothings going to stop you. These 5 embody all of the above, yet each have their own unique bond with me.

So who exactly are these people?

Their your soulmate, the person you always call first about anything and everything. We’ve literally had conversations from huge life events to absolutely nothing……and I mean nothing….and I mean nothing. Calling each other and just sitting on the phone watching two different shows and not speaking is normal. This person knows you better than you know yourself, tells you straight up if you’re being basic, and reminds you to keep your head in the clouds but anchor those feet. You probably finish each others sentences or know what each other is thinking with just a look. They would stop at nothing to make you smile on your lowest and put you before anyone else.

The person you can get weird with. When you’re in that silly mood you call this person up. The one you spend hours playing with Snapchat filters and crying from laughing so hard. This person is the one you’re not afraid to sound or act stupid with, you sing on the top of your lungs with this person….literally. The important conversations are still had, but majority of the time you’ll find yourselves cracking up about all the stupid crap you’ve done together over the years. And out in public…forget it. You two are always found having a blast and enjoying life because the energy is always high.

The goal achiever is usually the one who has it the most together in your eyes. You see them set a goal at the end of the year and achieve them by the end of the next. They are the ones you’d go for advice on how they do it without giving up. They are the one who sometimes needs you around to remind them to not take life so seriously, but puts into perspective where you are and what you’re not doing to achieve your own goals. They are your wake up call and determination. This person is always in your corner to give you the tools to succeed.  They are the one you look up to.

Then theirs the relatable one, this person is like your twin. Your lives are parallel and there’s no rhyme or reason to it. Everything that they are going through either you’ve already went through or will. They are the one you go to about life talks and the one who’s the least judgmental. They support you in the craziness yet will pull you back to reality by reminding you the lessons they’ve learned. They are wise beyond their years and the one you have philosophical conversations with. They were put into your life to let you know that you’re not alone, that although you aren’t blood related or don’t look exactly alike, you were cut from the same cloth.

And lastly, this person is the one you know who’s going to give it to you straight, the blunt one. The one who tells you how it is regardless if you want to hear it or not. They want nothing but the best for you and don’t mind you mad at them for telling the truth that you’ll realize later on. This person has no filter, they are the one you go to when you need the biggest reality check. They can be reckless with words but its all out of love.

Of course if you’re lucky you find that your tribe members aren’t just one type but a mixture. They are the ones who’ve gotten you through the toughest times without judgement and vice versa. They are the reasons that help you keep going when you think you’ve got nothing left to give. They warn you about the negative bs that you allow and are real af when you need it the most. I am grateful for my tribe. Without them who knows where I’d be.






Tonight I went to an energy healing seminar. I know what you’re thinking that’s some hocus pocus stuff, energy is just what we have in our body. If that’s your mindset, be prepared to have your mind blown!

Our thoughts and emotions control our life. An example that was given is you’re at work and your energy vibration is high and then in walks in that person and your whole mood shifts with your energy vibration drops down. Maybe it’s because they got that promotion that you wanted or because they just have a presence that isn’t as high as yours. So what do you do? You keep your energy high, which sounds really hard but in reality is relatively easy if you know how.

The host asked for a volunteer and I was picked. She checked my Reiki level by having me straighten my arm out to the side and as she pushes down I push up. I pressed against her meeting her level. Next, she asked me to think of something sad, something that made me feel unworthy, that caused me pain, and asked me to close my eyes. I put my arm out to the side, she pushed down, and I pressed up with all my might but couldn’t push against the light weight. My fellow attendees gasped. Then she asked to think of something that brought me joy, she said think of graduation, how proud you felt of completing your degree. I did, again I closed my eyes, and as she pushed down I pressed right up to her level again. I heard wows from the crowd. My energy level bottomed thinking of the trauma which made me weak and than spiked back up after thinking of a positive moment. I can’t explain it and if you don’t understand what just happened than you’d have to see it.

The seminar talked about a couple of the energy systems of the human body that could contain energy and filter it out: The Meridians, Chakras, and your Aura. Now if you are still reading and you’re thinking “oh lord another one who’s gone down the rabbit hole”, hear me out. Each of these systems hold different concentrations for energy. For instance, there are seven chakras and each center a specific energy. Without getting too into it the chakras line up within the body: the lowest chakra is the root:grounding and is the base for survival, the middle chakra would be the heart: love inner peace, and the highest being the crown: spirituality connection. Does this make sense to you? If any of these are blocked then our energy stops flowing freely and this could lead to illness or stress. By clearing them we can open up the blockage and become rejuvenated.


The next slide was about what energy therapies do. What’s energy therapy? Well they help bring the universal energy of body/mind back into balance. It helps you change your perspective and you can find a deep sense of relaxation. The five we learned about were: Reiki, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Tapas Acupressure Technique, Crystals, and Meditation & Mindfulness. All these you can do on your own after learning the proper way to perform them.

Reiki: helps your body relieve stress and tension but channeling the universal life force energy  through the chakras and meridian layers. It is a Japanese technique and requires light touching of the body. An example that the host used was about her mother who had a tumor the size of a grapefruit. She had 3 sessions a week and when her mom went back to the doctor it was the size of a walnut, but now there was a black spot on her lung. The host was surprised to hear how small the tumor was and felt confident that she could remove the tumor and the spot and after 2 weeks they both disappeared, with no outside treatment. If that doesn’t scream “IT WORKS” I don’t know what does.

EFT: helps you get the emotions out of the way by tapping directly on the brow, side of the eye, under the eye, under the nose, under the lip, collarbone, underneath the arm, and on the side of your hand. Each representing different emotions and tapped three times can bring you to confront what your hurting, anxious, or stressed about.

TAT: uses “poses” to connect the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Use this to free from trauma, negative belief, or physical disease through focusing on specific statements. It’s especially excellent if you do not know the origin of the problem. The example was having a panic attack on driving, she couldn’t drive all she could focus on was getting hit by a truck or driving off the road. After using this therapy she calmed down and was able to drive within 20 minutes.

Crystals: are nature’s ways of helping and healing. There are seven different crystals that give you what you need.

I hope you are still with me because if you are still skeptical you might start believing now.

When we first got to the seminar we had to pick on intuition a crystal from a box. I was immediately drawn to this light bluish green one, without knowing what it meant.  After I picked it I got read to me what it stands for and what crystal it was. Amazonite: a stone of truth, honor, communication, integrity, hope and trust. It is said to enhance intuition, psychic powers, creativity, intellect, and psychic ability. It is often associated with the throat chakra, and as such, said to be beneficial to communication. Helps one to move beyond fear of judgment or confrontation with others. It provides the freedom to express one’s thoughts and feelings, and to set strong and clear boundaries.

For those of you who know me I tend to bite my tongue, which is never good because things keep piling up until one day you just explode and the problem isn’t fixable anymore. (Every problem is fixable if both parties want to fix it.) Anyway, I thought to myself this is exactly what I need right now because I am on a journey to getting to know myself again and not being afraid to communicate my thoughts to those who need it to be heard. I’m tired of getting walked all over and people not being interested in what I have to say. So if you’re me your thinking this is so true! I plan on wearing mine and letting it give me what I need in situations I’m too afraid to speak up about.

The last one (I promise) is Meditation & Mindfulness: meditation rebalances your energy by calming your mind free of radicals. You can start by focusing on a work or your breath for five minutes a day and see the results. However, the ego can be stubborn so keep working at it until you shut it up. Mindfulness is awareness in the present moment without judgement. This is very important because you can be mindful by simply talking in nature and its beauty, but if you think “well that tree is crooked and can break on my fence” than you’re not being mindful because you are judging and not just being. Slow down and enjoy the little things.

Some of my favorite quotes from the seminar:

“As you intend, so you create.”

“The body is the battlefield for the war games of the mind.”

“The body bears the burden.”

I do apologize for such a long post, but I did want to share this information because there are other options for self healing than going to see a doctor who is just going to prescribe you some kind of drug. I have used EFT and am interested in using some of these techniques as well. I’ll do a follow up post in the future. Thanks for making it to the end!


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