Do you ever feel so overwhelmed with happiness that you feel like nothing could bring you down?

Then you obviously don’t drive a vehicle. My whole weekend was filled with a rollercoaster of emotions. Friday was opening night of the play my mom and I choreographed and my phone buzzed with results of my mini soloist who got 9th overall and other awards at the competition. Saturday was my best friend’s wedding in PA. It was beautiful, oozed them in every detail, and my phone blew up from my students and their parents telling me my mini tap number won 1st place overall, in their category, I won a Choreography Award, and they got a Golden Ticket to World’s. I was over the moon! They also let me know my other number got 5th overall as well.  Seriously! I couldn’t believe the craziness! My bff looked stunning and I was so grateful to be apart of such a beautiful and loving day.

Now Sunday…..oh good ole Sunday. I woke up packed my things and trucked to North Jersey for the final day of competition; the one day I could make it. I get there, the girls do a fantastic job in not only my numbers but all of them. I’m incredibly proud of my soloist for her amazing job, each performance got better and better. My older group placed 5th overall and I couldn’t be happier. Ya ready for this….

I get in my car to leave and notice that the temperature gauge is over the halfway mark, so I said a little pray asking to get to my next destination safely. I get on the parkway and thud-thud-thud-thud-thud, my car is shaking and my hood starts smoking. Great so I put my 4 ways on and move over to the right shoulder and park. I call my mom no answer, I call my uncle and he’s not home. Finally I get my mom on the phone, tell her what’s going on while trying not to cry and she tells me help is on the way.

Well so we thought, AAA was crazy busy (of course), and everyone else was too. So the next best thing, my knight in shining armor, Uncle Chuck came to rescue me! We tried to get the gauge down but nothing was working, so we risk it trying to push through. Yeah….a couple miles later my car said a big eff you to the both of us and we had no choice but to park it on the shoulder again. Making a quick decision, I placed a note on the car listing a phone number to call and stating that it broke down, hopped in his car, and left it.

I called my Uncles told them the destination of my dead car and barely made it to the beginning of closing day of the play. Positive: the play was a success and I was distracted by the chaos of closing (if you’re in theater you know what I’m talking about). After clean up the directors, crew, and I went out to celebrate….not knowing I was going to end up in tears of course.

Here we go: My uncle’s can’t find the car anywhere, they said that they called the police station and they impounded it for being left in the middle of the left lane. Now I know for a fact that I didn’t leave it in the left lane because 1 we were driving in the right lane and 2 we left it on the right shoulder with a note. Now I’m freaking out because I don’t even want to think about how much money I’m going to have to dish out for any of this. I get off the phone and explain everything to the group, cry it out, and eventually calm down. I have a witness that I was definitely in the right lane and a snapchat picture (thank you social media).

After this my mom and I go to see my uncle’s and they said that I have to call the police station. The short of it is, the towing company took my car further north, but here’s the funny thing, they picked up the wrong car. The same brand and color broke down a couple of exits before mine did, in the left lane and was abandoned. No freaking way! So they picked up the wrong car, impounded mine and when we got on the phone with the towing company they said we had to call back in the morning. Of course because they want to make money but let me tell you this, tomorrow when I go to get my car I better not be paying a dime to them. It’s not my fault they made a mistake. I’ll pay the towing to my mechanic, thanks AAA, but no way am I paying for their stupid mistake. I have to wake up extra early because I have to get my car released, towed, and then go to work all day. I tell ya with every high there is always a low.

Stay positive my friends!



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