Over the years I’ve experienced a bunch of different people while driving. You’ve got the people who have major road rage for no reason, the old person who goes 25mph in the fast lane, and the impatient person who weaves in and out of people. We’ve all encountered them, but what about the people who make you smile?

Every time I go to my job and pay the toll I go in the same two lanes.  One has an older lady who greets you with a smile, tells you to drive safe and to have a great day. She instantly brightens my day by how warm she is. The other toll worker is a younger guy that always has an inviting smile and looks a little to long at me but not in a creepy way. No matter what I look like he’s looked at me like that, no makeup or full makeup. It’s nice to know a small interaction like that boosts my confidence for the day.

I remember years back I was driving home from breaking up with my boyfriend at the time and I was stopped at a red light with tears rolling down my cheeks. I felt the person next to me looking and I faced them. She mouthed, “Everything will be okay,” and gently smiled at me. A small gesture like that eased the pain a little and I was able to calm down. I said thank you and she nodded back. I never forgot that because I remember thinking, there are kind-hearted people in this world.

A couple years back I was on the highway and this car matched my speed. We made eye contact and he mouthed, “You’re beautiful”. He then proceeded to roll down his window and ask for my number as we kept driving. I laughed and speed away. That dude had some balls. I felt real good about myself after that.

I’ve also been on the other side of these encounters. I was stuck in traffic with no rush to get anywhere. I forgot what song was on the radio, but I was jamming out to it and the person next to me going the other way, who was also stuck in traffic caught me. I wasn’t even embarrassed and I continued to sing and car dance. He laughed and said thank you. I’m glad I made someone’s day turn around, because we never know what is going on in other peoples life. Maybe they need a quick pick me up to change their mood and just by being kind or goofy you can be that.

So forget the rage, rush, and go around the older people. Remember that you can make a difference in someone’s day in that couple of seconds of eye contact.



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