Everything at Once or Nothing at All

HOLY COW! This has been an incredible week so far. Besides having Monday off, thank you President’s Day, I got emails back from two internships. One said I can start right away and it’s a remote internship so I can do it from anywhere and the other was a chance for an interview. Both are unpaid, but I wasn’t expecting payment anyways. I started the remote one today with having to edit a blog post, how convenient! Nerve wracking, but exhilarating. The other was for a phone interview today and I think it went well. You never know what the people on the other end are thinking so I’ll keep you guys updated.

Any who, after a couple of months with sending cover letters and my resume to internships and only going on one interview, this is a relief. I am so grateful for the opportunities that have come my way and for my career advisors at SNHU! They seriously rock! My goal is to learn as much as possible in the publishing world and if I get both internships I will learn the literary agency side, as well as the publicity side, which I am working with right now. I eventually want to be a writer, but that can be put off as I learn the ins and outs of publishing.

On another note I had a thought the other day about the standards in how people look in the corporate world. Why must they look so boring? They always have to be so clean-cut and I don’t get that. If you have all the credentials and a great work ethic, but have tattoos and different colored hair, you’ll get passed up by someone who isn’t as qualified just because of the way you look. I don’t think you should change your uniqueness just to fit in and be another drone of corporate. You should be able to express yourself through whatever you want. I recently got my hair dyed an oil slick style, its subtle but still is too the point. I’m not afraid of showing that I’m not like everyone else because life is too short to have boring hair. You either take me all or nothing because I refuse to let the man get me down.



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