Just Be

The moon smiled at me tonight as I drove home, it’s secret guarded by the halo emanating off of it. The shape was of the Cheshire cat, all that was missing were those yellow eyes.

Why is it that when the moon is bright we try to capture it in a photo? Instead, can’t we just be? Everything has to be videod or photographed….isn’t the memory more alive when you think back at it? Or do we do it so our minds won’t misconstrue what we see?

Although one person’s perspective is never the same as another’s. We can interpret something as simple as what’s out the window an infinity amount of times. Right now I see the stars peeking out of the navy sky, while another person might just see the apartments across the way. Is it just me or do others look at the sky and realize there is a whole other universe out there and we are a small speck?

I remember as a kid laying on the grass and observing the clouds slowly passing by. I thought this is a reminder that Earth spins while we live our life, this grounded me and made me take in the happenings all around. The breeze kissing my skin, the grass that collapsed from my body, the color of the trees; it’s bark and leaves.

We all should appreciate nature more. Close our eyes and get lost in the sound of the neighborhood. Go camping and leave our devices at home. See the Utopia that is staring at us, but we are too blinded by technology to see it. Instead of capturing a sunset, just watch it. Take it all in: the colors, the way the sun descends into the horizon, the change in temperature.

This generation of kids need this the most. Disconnect from the cyber world and look around. They need to not get so caught up in selfies, musical.ly, and snapchat. Parents should take cell phones, tablets, and any other electronic devices away for a couple of hours and sit outside with them or go on mini adventures. Remind them that there is so much to see outside of the glowing screen their hypnotized by. Stop and just be. Take a deep breathe and just be. Just be.



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