The daunting process of finding an internship…

I recently graduated with my Bachelor’s from Southern New Hampshire University in October. I left with a 3.7 GPA, a couple of honor societies and great reviews from my teachers. Career services has been nothing but great to me and helping me find internships to apply to….so what gives?

First, I’d like to say that I’m completely changing careers, going from dancer to working in a publishing house, so most of my qualifications come from my work in school with no “real” experience. Second, I didn’t write for the newspaper or anything like that while I was in school, which I probably should have done to have something to put on my resume but what ever. Third, well every job wants experienced writers straight out of college….cause that makes perfect sense. While in college shouldn’t you be focused on your grades and assignments and extra curricular activities to make you look marketable to companies. I guess I went wrong by not getting involved more in the writing aspect of the school.

Anywho, I’ve applied to about 10 internships so far, went on one interview, and followed up on the ones I haven’t heard from, but still nothing. Seriously, not even a thank you for your interest, but the position has been filled type of email. Not to mention most of them are in the city (NYC) and I live in NJ so maybe that’s a factor as well, but there’s hardly anything writing wise in NJ. So at this point what do I do? Well for one thing I went to Barnes and Noble and picked up a couple books in fiction, because ultimately I will be a  writer of teen fiction/fantasy, and I felt great doing this. I applied to a couple more internships, started this blog, and am just playing the waiting game. Oh yeah, I’ve also submitted one story to a literary magazine but they turned it down. Which is fine because dance taught me how to deal with rejection real quick. Maybe I’ll try to find local newspapers to submit short stories to? For right now I think I’ll continue writing and creating new stories for myself….who knows I might even share one on here?



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